I have been amazed at the pluses I have found in being forced to lead a quieter life. I am 80 years old and my husband and I are long time Rye residents.
I feel relaxed and free to call friends and interact with my children and grandchildren with no time pressures. On our daily walks we greet everyone we see and everyone wants to stop and chat for a while. All of us wish each other well constantly.
My children all seem to really enjoy working from home, spending more time with family, not commuting. My daughter does all my groceries with 6 children at home all doing online learning?It has been a big adjustment for families …..fathers especially are getting to know their children much better!

There is a kindness in everyones demeanor at the take out window, the gas station,the grocery store and the deliverers to the door. An amazing feeling of solidarity of us against the virus.

I stay in touch with my single friends who live alone. We have wonderful conversations which would really never have taken place in normal circumstances.

Our Church, All Saints in Harrison does Zoom services on Sundays, and the participants are far, far beyond the usual numbers who attend Church.

These have been some of the pluses.

The minuses…

It has been heartbreaking to drive through Rye and Mamaroneck today and see every single business closed.
Ran into a shop owner friend today who said “ I,m ok but my money is running out”. So it is imperative that we start opening up soon.!
The stories and photos from NYC hospitals have been terrifying. We have all been making masks to help, and thousands now have been donated, from sewing ladies all around the tri state area.! Elastic is no longer to be found!

Personally I know of only 3 people who have had the virus, and no one who has died.

Six weeks into lockdown, we are wondering how life will go forward. We have sadly canceled all trips away through August. How safe can we be without a treatment or vaccine on the horizon as yet. Us oldsters will continue to shelter, but the young have to get back to work.!


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