The Rye Historical Society and the Rye Free Reading Room have worked together to offer a public archive space to document the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an opportunity for Rye residents to document their experience during this historic moment and to contribute those items to this public archive.

What happens to my contribution after I submit it?   

After a contribution is submitted, a reviewer makes sure it meets the terms of the project. Once that is done, it will be approved and published to the site. The project managers will not edit the item you submit, but we may add tags or descriptive information for online searches. 

Who owns the items I submit? What can site users do with them? 

Items that are submitted are done so under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0). That means that you can still do what you like with your own content, but you also agree to share the rights to your content with anyone that visits the site and properly attributes it back to you. Additionally, you’re giving RIHS and PPL the rights to archive your items for historical research in perpetuity. The full Terms and Conditions for contributing to the site are included at the end of this document. 

Are other organization or creative project able to make submissions?

Yes, please! Other organizations across Rye and Westchester County are welcome to participate. Some examples of collections could include:

  • School assignments
  • Neighborhood activities
  • Artistic & creative projects
  • Non-profit program and service information
  • Social media activity  



In this historic moment, the COVID-19 archive will capture to voices and experiences in the communities we serve, to tell the story of this time. 


You keep your copyright in all your photos, illustrations, essays, and other materials contributed.

In the spirit of creating a “people’s archive” that ensures the widest possible access and use, we do ask contributors to submit their materials under a Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 license.

Under this CC-BY 4.0 license you retain the copyright to your work, and it allow uses such as: 

  • RHS and RFRR to include your materials in the permanent collections of RHS and RFRR; and
  • the public to have access to and share, adapt, modify, and cite to your work. 

Per the CC-BY 4.0 license, RHS, RFRR, and the public must credit you and your copyright when making any future uses.

User guidelines

By submitting under these terms, you also agree that

  • Your contributions to this archive are voluntary. 
  • You are 18 or older OR if you’re under 18, you must ask a parent or guardian to contribute for you. 
  • You will not use this archive for the purposes of uploading or sharing anything that is unlawful, harmful, intentionally misleading, discriminatory, pornographic, or in violation of anyone else’s rights. 

RHS and RFRR reserve the right to review and approve all contributions before they are added to the archive. 

We will not edit contributed content; however, we may edit descriptive information to ensure the items are both findable or searchable.